Cat also need to ride on the subway to home.

Some new family members.

2014-12-19 at 08:48 · 26 points · 0 comments
Some new family members.

Are you lost, little one?

2014-12-19 at 08:39 · 44 points · 0 comments
Are you lost, little one?
Hamster ate entire piece of cracker in one go

Shark food

2014-12-19 at 07:59 · 40 points · 0 comments
Happiest puppy in the world.

How adorable

2014-12-19 at 07:18 · 27 points · 0 comments
How adorable
Before Emma Watson I was in love with her.
Guys, look who\'s grown bigger
Just peeking at some humans.

This horse's clip job

2014-12-19 at 06:08 · 20 points · 0 comments
This horse\'s clip job
It\'s so shiny, I must murder it
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