Bailey has no idea why her iron isn\'t working!
My cats reaction to his halloween costume

Kitten warming his mittens

2014-10-30 at 06:08 · 44 points · 1 comments
Kitten warming his mittens
This bird landed on the page about itself


2014-10-30 at 05:18 · 39 points · 0 comments

Sniff sniff

2014-10-30 at 05:08 · 38 points · 0 comments
This Dog Has No Idea What She’s Doing

Pig Beach, Bahamas

2014-10-30 at 04:48 · 46 points · 0 comments
Pig Beach, Bahamas
Pardon me, have you seen any seals go by?
My kitten is sick so I made her a sink bed.
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