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Yeah, this dude has Swag.

2014-04-16 at 22:59 · 0 points · 0 comments
Picture of Windmills in the fog
We aren\'t all Michael Jackson..

Scumbag Brain..

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Scumbag Brain..
They\'re both waiting for Dad to come home.
Auto-tagging gets me every time..

Proof that geeks can score

2014-04-16 at 19:18 · 0 points · 0 comments
Proof that geeks can score

Good guy Crabs

2014-04-16 at 18:38 · 0 points · 0 comments
Good guy Crabs
The Best Cake Science Could Bake

Toilet Cleaning

2014-04-16 at 17:58 · 0 points · 0 comments
Toilet Cleaning
This Is The Best Coffee Marketing Technique Ever!
Sometimes you just aren\'t in the mood..
The poor girl actually stopped walking.
This dog is really good at Fetch!
Shadows of Chicago over frozen Lake Michigan, USA

Whatever, Grandma..

2014-04-16 at 15:19 · 0 points · 0 comments
Whatever, Grandma..

Nap time!

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Is This Really An Achievement For The Guy?
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