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Spotted some true love on the beach today..

Kelly Rowland

2014-08-27 at 10:19 · 28 points · 0 comments
Kelly Rowland
Happy 4/7, and remember: no 9gaggin.
Men Are Crazy And Women Are Stupid
All he needs is half life 3...

Horse Being Funny

2014-08-27 at 09:38 · 21 points · 0 comments
Horse Being Funny
Every Time North Korea Threatens The U S

If It Fits I Sit

2014-08-27 at 09:09 · 39 points · 0 comments
If It Fits I Sit
Blumpernickel Cucumberbutch
Like a finger through a hole...
This is how I feel when I wake up sometimes
Germany Fans from Snapchat's "Rio Live"

Meanwhile in India.

2014-08-27 at 07:59 · 38 points · 0 comments
Meanwhile in India.
Even Dogs Don't Like Dog Breath
The Only Mythical Creature I’m 100% Sure Exists
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